Mortal Kombat 11: Full List of Friendships

MK 11 Friendships

NetherRealm Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

When Mortal Kombat wants to have a bit of fun with their match enders, they make sure to give us all some great Friendships to tinker around with.

Now that we have the Aftermath DLC expansion within Mortal Kombat 11, everyone has access to an updated version of the game that features those hilarious takes on Fatalities. Each member of the roster (DLC additions included) come with their own Friendship special move and input, which is why we made sure to list them all here for easy access. Scorpion brings a cuddly teddy bear in for a warm hug, Sub-Zero enjoys some frozen treats, Noob Saibot enjoys some jump rope shenanigans, etc. within this new collection of smile-inducing Friendships. Mortal Kombat 11 feels even more feature-rich than ever before now that Friendships have resurfaced.

Keep your opponent from raging too hard when they lose when you pull off these wonderful Friendships.

Note: the listed inputs represent your character standing on the left side of the screen. The final button for each Fatality pertains to the following order of compatible consoles and their controllers – PS4 (DualShock 4)/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (Right Joy-Con Controller or Pro Controller). Every character falls into alphabetical order, by the way. You’re welcome.


Nailed It (Mid): Right, Left, Down, Down, Square/X/Y

Cassie Cage

Feeling Cute, Might Delete Later (Mid): Right, Left, Down, Down, Square/X/Y


Serenity (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y


I Feel Pretty (Mid): Left, Right, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X

Erron Black

What The Duck (Mid): Right, Left, Down, Left, X/A/B


Frost-Capades (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Right, X/A/B


Let’s Go Fly a Kite (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X


Beach Party (Mid): Right, Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A

Jacqui Briggs

Wibbly Wobbly Kronibop (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X


I Want Kandy (Mid): Left, Down, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X

Jax Briggs

Sexy Jax-A-Phone (Mid): Right, Left, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X

Johnny Cage

Dub Dub WB (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X


Come On Bats (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Down, X/A/B


Bop It (Mid): Right, Down, Left, Down, Square/X/Y


Kiss The Cook (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle/Y/X


Do You Want to Build a Shao Khan? (Mid): Left, Down, Down, Left, X/A/B

The Kollector

One Man Band (Mid): Right, Left, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X

Kotal Kahn

GTL (Mid): Down, Left, Down, Right, X/A/B

Kung Lao

Kung-Ductor (Mid): Right, Left, Right, Left, Circle/B/A

Liu Kang

Shaolin Hustle (Mid): Left, Down, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X


Teddy Bears Picnic (Mid): Down, Down, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X


Matokan Sideshow (Mid): Right, Left, Right, Down, Square/X/Y

Noob Saibot

Me and My Shadow (Mid): Down, Left, Down, Right, X/A/B


Earthrealm’s Got Talent (Mid): Down, Right, Left, Down, Circle/B/A


Sofishticated (Mid): Down, Right, Left, Down, Square/X/Y


Demolition Man (Mid): Right, Left, Right, Left, Square/X/Y


Breakin’ It Down (Mid): Left, Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A


Teddy-ality (Mid): Right, Left, Right, Left, Circle/B/A

Shang Tsung

Rainbow Connection (Mid): Left, Left, Down, Right, Circle/B/A

Shao Kahn

Winner, Winner, Outworld Dinner (Mid): Down, Left, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X


Krystal Clear (Mid): Right, Left, Down, Down, Square/X/Y


Sweet Serenade (Mid): Right, Down, Down, Up, X/A/B


Masterpiece (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y

Sonya Blade

Fetch, Good Drone (Mid): Down, Right, Down, Down, Square/X/Y


Hellish Desires (Mid): Right, Down, Left, Down, Square/X/Y


Frosty Treats (Mid): Down, Down, Left, Right, Square/X/Y

Terminator T-800

Stuntman (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Down, X/A/B

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