Mortal Kombat 11: Full List of Stage Fatalities

MK 11 Stage Fatalities

NetherRealm Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Thanks to the free update that came along with the Aftermath DLC expansion, stage fatalities have finally returned to the world of Mortal Kombat.

With Mortal Kombat 11’s starting lineup of stages and newly added ones, there are plenty of ways to embarrass your foe at the end of a hard-fought battle. You can smash an arcade machine onto your helpless opponent, watch them bathe in a pool of greed acid, and even watch them get smashed into the ceiling by a rolling spiked gauntlet. Mortal Kombat 11’s unrelenting gore and bloodletting know no bounds, which is one of the greatest compliments we could ever pay to this amazing fighter. This collection of stage fatality inputs for every character are compiled all in one place in alphabetical order, so you can refer to this list every time you want to pour some extra salt into your losing opponent’s wounds.

This and each and every stage fatality you can pull off in Mortal Kombat 11.

Note: the listed inputs represent your character standing on the left side of the screen. The final button for each Fatality pertains to the following order of compatible consoles and their controllers – PS4 (DualShock 4)/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (Right Joy-Con Controller or Pro Controller. The stages you can pull off stage fatalities on are as follows – Dead Pool, Shaolin Trap Dungeon and Tournament.


– Right, Right, Down, Circle/B/A (Close)

Cassie Cage

– Down, Right, Down, X/A/B (Close)


– Up, Down, Up, Circle/B/A (Close)


– Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A (Close)

Erron Black

– Right, Up, Down, Square/X/Y (Close)


– Right, Down, Up, Triangle/Y/X (Close)


– Down, Down, Down, Circle/B/A (Close)


– Down, Left, Down, Square/X/Y (Close)

Jacqui Briggs

– Down, Right, Down, X/A/B (Close)


– Left, Right, Down, Circle/B/A (Close)

Jax Briggs

– Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A (Close)

Johnny Cage

– Down, Down, Down, Circle/B/A (Close)


– Left, Right, Up, Circle/B/A (Close)


– Up, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X (Close)


– Up, Up, Left, X/A/B (Close)


– Right, Down, Down, Square/X/Y (Close)

The Kollector

– Right, Up, Right, Square/X/Y (Close)

Kotal Kahn

– Right, Left, Down, Square/X/Y (Close)

Kung Lao

– Right, Down, Down, X/A/B (Close)

Liu Kang

– Left, Right, Left, X/A/B (Close)


– Left, Right, Left, Square/X/Y (Close)

Noob Saibot

– Right, Right, Down, X/A/B (Close)


– Right, Right, Down, X/A/B (Close)


– Left, Down, Down, Square/X/Y (Close)


– Down, Right, Down, Square/X/Y (Close)

Shang Tsung

– Up, Up, Left, Square/X/Y (Close)

Shao Kahn

– Down, Down, Left, Circle/B/A (Close)


– Right, Down, Left, Square/X/Y (Close)


– Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y (Close)


– Left, Up, Down, Circle/B/A (Close)

Sonya Blade

– Right, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X (Close)


– Right, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X (Close)


– Down, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X (Close)

Terminator T-800

– Up, Right, Left, Square/X/Y (Close)

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