Weedle Wins Pokemon GO Community Day June 2020 Vote

pokemon go community day june


Pokemon GO players chose Weedle to be the featured Pokemon for Community Day June 2020.

The Pokemon that got the second highest amount of votes, Gastly, will be the featured Pokemon for Community Day July 2020.

Out of 671,633 votes, Weedle earned 34.1% of them followed by Gastly at 32.3% as you can see from the Twitter poll above. Squirtle won 22.8% of the votes while Sandshrew is last at 10.8%.

Unlike the last time Developer Niantic had players vote for the featured Pokemon for a Community Day event, this voting wasn’t done in the game itself via Research Tasks players could complete. They held the voting in a poll on their official Twitter account.

According to a blog post from Niantic announcing the poll, a Weedle that’s evolved into a Kakuna and then a Beedrill during Community Day June 2020 will learn the Community Day-exclusive move Drill Run. Evolving a Gastly into Haunter and then Gengar during Community Day July 2020 will teach them the exclusive move Shadow Punch.

Had Squirtle or Sandshrew won the poll, their final evolutions would have learned the moves Aura Sphere and Shadow Claw respectively during the Community Day periods.

Niantic has not yet announced when Community Day June and July will happen or what bonuses will be on offer during both events.

According to an analysis from GamePress, Beedrill would have the most impact out of all the other Community Day voting options, especially for Great League battling. The ground-type Drill Run allows them to go toe to toe with threats that their other moves, especially their bug- and poison-type moves, wouldn’t touch – namely steel-types like Registeel. That combined with Poison Jab allows Beedrill to check a number of prominent threats in Great League like Azumarill, Clefable, Meganium and more. Gengar with Shadow Punch is another solid choice, giving the Pokemon a way to trick the opponent into using their Shields before unloading a Shadow Ball.

The other two options were also good but were more niche, according to GamePress. Aura Sphere would have let Blastoise take down opponents it would normally struggle against such as Lapras, Poliwrath and Snorlax, but Blastoise already has a good Community Day-exclusive move with Hydro Cannon which has good synergy with Ice Beam. Even then, Blastoise struggles to stand out among the other water-types in the Great League like Swampert and Azumarill. Shadow Claw doesn’t really benefit Kanto Sandslash but would give Alolan Sandslash quite a big boost, allowing it to win against more Pokemon like Dewgong, Hypno, Lapras, Alolan Raichu and Froslass according to the website. Registeel would still be preferred, however.

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