Tfue Claims Controller Aim Assist ‘Ruined’ Fortnite

fortnite tfue controller aim assist

Epic Games Controller players are taking over Fortnite.

Slowly, but surely, Fortnite controller players became better and better and it’s now to a point competitively where many of the top players are using a controller.

When Bugha famously won the Fortnite World Cup, he did so on mouse and keyboard, and most of the qualifiers were also using the same hardware, but times have certainly changed.

It’s hard to turn on a stream of a top Fortnite pro whether it’s Tfue, Mongraal, or someone else and not see them mention the power of a controller at least once.

The FNCS Invitational, which rewards four points per elimination, has caused things to reach a boiling point as the current format rewards players who play quite aggressive.

As a result, you’re seeing a lot of controller players dominating, but it’s unclear if that has to do with controller alone.

Fortnite Pros Lash Out

Tfue has never been one to hold back with his Fortnite criticisms, and after the latest tournament wrapped up, he quickly tweeted out his disdain for controller players and aim assist.

“Aim assist ruined Fortnite for M&K players looks like we need to find a new game unlucky,” he said.

While saying aim assist has completely ruined the game might be a bit harsh, he was not alone in his criticisms as Team Liquid pros mitr0 and Stretch also voiced their displeasures.

“Can not explain how much I hate controller,” said Stretch. “It’s like this burning f**king passion inside me despises all of you so much. I legit cannot even fathom it it hurts my head to think about f**k you if you’re on controller you’re f**king horrible and you have no skill whatsoever.”

It’s hard to find a good middle ground as controller players are usually at a disadvantage when compared to mouse and keyboard, but that just isn’t the case with Fortnite.

Epic Games has tried to balance it in the past, but it’s clear the pros believe more tweaking has to be done.

Some Fortnite pros, including Psalm, who was the World Cup runner up, have announced their intentions to go to other games like Valorant.

At this point, it seems abundantly more clear that many players are currently sticking with Fortnite because of the constant earnings that are available or the fact there currently isn’t anything else worth playing for them.

What’s Next For Competitive?

Epic Games has already revealed there won’t be a World Cup this year, and that could end up being the tipping point when it comes to players leaving the game for good.

We’ve already seen entire organizations release their Fortnite rosters due to their lack of faith in esports.

Team Secret, which once featured household name Mongraal, announced their departure from Fortnite esports in May, explaining that the game is going a different path than expected.

Today marks the end of a journey that began two years ago,” the org tweeted. “Fortnite has been a great ride but is developing a bit differently than what we expected. Today, we announce our exit from Fortnite.”

Obviously, not every organization has followed suit, but if enough complaints arise and players continue to be unhappy playing the game, it’s possible Secret won’t be the last organization bowing out of Fortnite.