Call of Duty Warzone Adds BR Mode With No Loadouts

call of duty warzone classic br


Since its release, Call of Duty: Warzone has set the gaming world on fire and has quickly proven to be one of the most popular games of the year.

Blackout already showed players that the world of Call of Duty could be translated to a battle royale title, but Warzone was able to ramp it up and build even more hype, possibly due to it being free-to-play.

The developers have already done a decent job of supporting the game with frequent updates and the limited-time modes have gone a long way in making the game feel fresh.

In an upcoming update, the next LTM that will be introduced called Classic Battle Royale. If you’re a longtime player of the BR genre, then this will feel right at home to you.

What is Classic Battle Royale?

This mode will be exactly how it sounds, a classic BR mode. This means that features such as loadouts and the Gulag will be removed and players will only be able to loot the ground weapons.

Since there won’t be a Gulag, this means that once you lose your initial life in a game, there won’t be any way to come back.

It will definitely be an interesting spin on the Warzone formula, especially since the game has become so reliant on custom loadouts.

The loadouts have become such a problem that Infinity Ward had to actually increase the cost of them in games. People still save up their money to get their guns, but it takes a lot longer to do so now.

Since this is an LTM, it will only be around for a short amount of time before it’s cycled out for something new, but it’ll still be something to keep an eye on, especially if it proves to be popular.

Will It Stick Around?

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ActivisionWarzone is out now.

Even if the classic mode ends up being quite popular, Infinity Ward will more than likely not keep it around for the long haul in an effort to not split the playerbase.

What makes Warzone so unique is the in-game shop feature and the Gulag, so it’d be a shame to see them lose sight of that.

In the meantime, players will have to enjoy this mode while it lasts.

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