Fortnite Theories Tie New Cyclo Skin to Device Event

fortnite cyclo skin

Epic Games Fortnite has changed.

We’re not too far away from Fortnite Season 3 now, but before we can get there we’ll first have to see what The Device live event is all about.

For those of you out of the loop, this event is the official name of the Doomsday Event that has been teased practically the entire season.

We still don’t have a great idea of what to expect in the event, but since it’s just a day away at this point, we’ll be finding out very soon.

One thing that fans have been theorizing is what the new Cyclo outfit means that Epic Games debuted in the Item Shop on June 13.

Does The Cyclo Outfit Tie Into Season 3?

It’s obviously hard to tell for certain, but this skin certainly looks like it has some sort of reference to the Device event, or even to Kevin the Cube.

The purple design has been quickly tied to the massive cube that made its way around the map in Chapter 1, and after having that pointed out, it’s pretty hard to ignore.

Fortnite leaker FortTory pointed out the similarities and also noticed a design that looks like one of the runes from the past.

It’s hard to tell if this is what Epic intended, but if we’ve learned one thing from these developers over the years, it’s that many of the decisions they make are tied to larger events.

Will Kevin the Cube Return?

Before this latest skin release, there wasn’t really any reason to expect Kevin the Cube to make a return, but the door has been left open for it.

All we know is that Midas’ strange device will have a massive impact on the map as we know it, whether that’s the destruction of The Agency or a total map flood.

Spots are supposedly set to be quite limited, so Epic Games encourages players to get a spot at least a half-hour early if they don’t want to miss out.

Unlike the Travis Scott live event, this will be a one-time show, so make sure you get in, or else you’ll have to watch a rerun or a live stream, which isn’t quite the same thing as experiencing it yourself.

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