Fortnite Aim Assist Tweaked Again in Season 3

fortnite aim assist nerf season 3

Epic Games

Since Epic Games doesn’t release patch notes when a new update comes out in Fortnite anymore, it’s up to the dataminers, leakers, and community to let us know what changes with each one.

Of course, the Season 3 update is much larger than previous ones, so smaller changes could get buried by the release of the Battle Pass, skins, map changes, etc., but we found out that Epic Games tweaked the aim assist yet again.

Near the end of Season 2, players were up in arms about the strength of aim assist when using a controller on PC. Epic did come out with some adjustments, and with the start of Season 3, we’ve gotten even more.

Aim Assist Nerfed

According to Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi, who has already leaked plenty about Season 3, revealed that aim assist has received a nerf with the latest update.

Obviously, it’s hard to tell exactly how different it is from numbers alone, but we can confirm that several digits were switched around. It’s probably going to require a lot of playtime to see if there are any major changes that have arrived out of this.

fortnite aim assist nerf

Lucas7yoshiAim assist has been changed again.

Let’s hope that whatever the change ends up doing, it will at least lessen the impact of using a controller on PC. Fingers crossed.

Any Other Major Changes?

Outside of the aim assist nerf, there doesn’t appear to be anything else that happened this patch.

Of course, there are still several new weapons and items players get to experience with the new season. One major addition is the Chug Jug that will no longer run out upon being used but instead will remain in your inventory to be used at a later time.

Some old favorites are back as well, most notably the Hunting Rifle. The start of a Fortnite season is usually the most exciting time to be a player, so make sure you get in there while everyone is still having a good time.

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