Fortnite Season 3 Map Leak Confirmed Fake

fortnite season 3 map leak fake

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There’s a lot of unrest in the Fortnite community as the road to Season 3 comes to a close.

This season has been stressful for many plays due to the constant extensions, but the light at the end of the tunnel is nearly here and it’s cause for celebration.

One thing to always be wary of is the number of leaks going around before the start of a new season that ultimately amount to nothing.

Most recently, a “leaked” image of the Season 3 map has been going around that show large portions of the map underwater, which would be in line with what people have been expecting.

However, the creator of this leak has come out and explicitly said the design is indeed fake.

Fortnite Season 3 Map Faked

The new map that is circulating around the various social media platforms has been confirmed to be fake by its creator easkateconcepts. Those who are involved with the Fortnite scene may recognize this name from the community and know that he likes to come up with all sorts of designs and concepts.

It’s disappointing to see this is a fake, and to prove that it is, he showed exactly how he made the image. He took a screenshot of the current map and just covered bits and pieces of it with water.

To be fair, the way he did it did make it look quite believable, so we can’t fault people for thinking it’s the real thing.

Will The Map Flood?

Although this map has been confirmed to be a fake, the idea that the map will flood isn’t too outrageous.

We have now received two separate indications that this will happen, so many fans are looking at it as a matter of time before it happens.

Fortnite Season 3 begins on June 17 and The Device event takes place two days before that, so if the map will indeed flood, that will be the time it will happen.

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