Fortnite Theory Links Season 3 to The Visitor

fortnite season 3 the visitor

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A big part of Fortnite Chapter 1’s storyline was no doubt the mysterious Visitor character that first appeared all the way back in Season 4.

Although he didn’t reveal himself a whole lot, players knew he was always lurking in the background somewhere, and now that we’re well into Chapter 2, it looks like he could be tied to what’s going on right now.

As you may know, the official name of the Doomsday Event is “The Device,” which could actually refer to something this character said during Season 10.

The Visitor explicitly named dropped the device, but there’s really no telling if it’s actually referring to what’s going on this season. Despite that, Reddit user Racoco802 did some sleuthing and came up with a theory that everything going on right now was already predicted.

Season X Was a Clue

The redditor points out that not only did he name drop the device, but he also talked about a vision where we saw a rift above a dam.

The only dam that exists in Fortnite right now can be found at Hydro 16, so they theorize that a rift could open up above it and The Visitor could be behind it all.

There hasn’t been anything going on this season to indicate the return of the Visitor, but we always know Epic has things up their sleeves, so we can’t write it off completely.

When Will Fortnite Season 3 Start?

All of this is a moot point if Season 3 never arrives. It has already been delayed three times now, so it’s kind of hard to follow when the season will actually begin.

The Device event has been pushed back to June 15, which will be the time we find out whether or not The Visitor is actually behind everything that has been going on this season.

Two days later on June 17 will be when the season actually starts, so there will be a little bit of downtime between the event and season start.

Provided it doesn’t receive yet another delay, this will the date we can all mark on our calendars.

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