Tilted Tide Would Be Perfect For Fortnite Season 3

fortnite tilted tide

Epic Games

With Fortnite Season 3 just over the horizon, many players are looking forward to seeing what Epic Games has in store for the future of the game.

The start of the new season usually means a very large update and with that comes a plethora of map changes. With rumors flying around that the map will either be flooded or take place underwater, now is as good of a time as any to speculate about some changes.

Since Epic Games likes to name their locations with alliteration, a spot by the name of Tilted Tide would fit just like a glove. Thanks to a fan-made concept, we know exactly what it’d look like too.

Let’s dive right in and take a look.

Welcome to Tilted Tide

Reddit user Its_Alfiesaurus created a design that mixed together both Tilted Towers and Lazy Lake and the end result is quite surprising.

They explain that in the center of this imaginative location is a waterfall that would push players up into the air and allow them to pull their glider out and let them reach other locations.

Another thing that would make a return at the slipstreams that zip players around the map, making it feel just like the Tilted Towers of old.

Many players come up with ideas for new things in Fortnite, but very few of them actually go this far in-depth, so it’d be cool to see Epic add something like this because it’s very easy to imagine now.

Will We See New POIs in Season 3?

We will more than likely see several new locations in the upcoming season, perhaps even a brand-new map given the current rumors of the map flood.

Even if the map doesn’t end up flooding, we will still see new locations as Epic will definitely want to make things fresh after the prolonger season we just experienced.

Only Epic knows what’s in store, but we’ll be getting our first taste of the new season with the upcoming Doomsday event that’s set to take place this weekend.

Following that, the new season begins and all of our questions will be answered.

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