5 Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Prison Empire Tycoon

Digital Things

Running a prison is tough. It just takes one riot to throw your smooth-running operations into turmoil and halt your progress.

But if you have a proper plan and are prepared to spend enough money to make money, then that task becomes a lot easier to accomplish. That’s exactly what you’re asked to do in Digital Things’ hit mobile game, Prison Empire Tycoon. There’s so much that goes into succeeding at this game – you’ll need to keep your prisoners happy, keep your job ranks full, open new facilities in order to improve your prison, and properly rehabilitate your prisoners so you can earn more useful funds along the way. We’ve done a good job in that regard and are now ready to give you the type of advice that will help your prison prosper.

Here are the top 5 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game:

Download Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game from Google Play here.

1. If You’re Adamant About Playing This Game for Free, Take Advantage of All Those Video Ads

• Playing Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game without spending a single dime can be accomplished if you follow a simple gameplan. Every time you start up a game and are about log out for the rest of the day, you have to make sure your Earnings Multiplier meter is full. Watching a whole bunch of video ads back to back in order to make that happen may be a nuisance, but it’s well worth the effort.

• Having that bonus activated aids you greatly during active play sessions and when you’re away from the game for a substantial amount of time. It always feels good to come back to a well-running prison that just netted you a couple thousand dollars, which you can also double just by watching another video ad. Whenever the cash icon pops up on the right side of your screen, be sure to watch the ad attached to it every time to get your hands on even more prison funds. And most importantly, make sure you fulfill your missions so you can earn some gems in the process. Gems especially come in handy since they help you earn the cards that grant your prison permanent boosts.

2. After the Tutorial, Pour Your Funds Into Unlocking Every Item Within Your Open Facilities

Prison Empire Tycoon

Digital Things

• Once you’ve made your way through the tutorial stages of the game, be sure to use your funds to unlock every item that exists within your open facilities. You’ll quickly notice that there are parts of your prison that haven’t been built yet but don’t worry about them for now since you won’t have the money to unlock them yet. Just focus on purchasing all the bare essentials for each room that’s keeping things in order within your prison.

• For example, spend your money on building up new prison cells and making sure you purchase every item within it so your prisoners are less likely to grow angry and start a riot due to unsavory conditions. Don’t forget to add new batteries and water tanks, too – these items go a long way towards providing you with the extra energy and water you need to maintain different parts of the prison.

3. Once That’s Accomplished, Focus on Upgrading the Utilities That Keep Your Prisoners Happy

• Once you’ve done a good job of unlocking every essential item within your prison facilities, switch your focus to upgrading the items that keep your prisoners in a good mood. This means you should use your funds to upgrade their cells along with improving the bathroom facilities, prison yard, and dining hall.

• Doing so decreases the risk of you leaving the game and coming back to a prison that just experienced a prison riot. Once you rack up enough money to purchase another cell module, you’ll earn even more chances to take in new criminals, improve your prisoners’ well-being and earn more funds for rehabilitated individuals in the process.

4. Use Your Funds to Completely Upgrade One of Your Prison’s Operations One at a Time and Also Be Sure to Open Up New Ones

• Once you’ve done a few upgrades that are meant to keep your prisoners in a good mood, go ahead and spend your money on fully upgrading one unlocked facility at a time. Start out by upgrading everything within the admissions area, then moving through every part of your prison to do the same. By this point, you should have unlocked new sections within your prison and are ready to upgrade them as well.

• So this means you should save up enough money so you fully improve rooms such as the laundry room, guards’ room, maintenance room, etc. one at a time. Once you’ve upgraded everything there is to upgrade within a facility, move on to the next one. And as always, make sure you have enough batteries and water tanks on deck to handle the upgrades you’ve just added to your prison operations.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Income Stats in the Top Left Corner as You Hire More Workers

• In order to keep things running smoothly, you’re going to need all hands on deck. This means you’re going to have to hire new employees as your prison gets busier and busier due to the upgrades you poured into it.

• As you bring in new builders, guards, cooks, and janitors, keep an eye on the top left corner of your screen. This portion of the screen clues you into how much money you currently have and if you’re making money or losing more than expected. If that money-making rate every goes red, fire a worker or two to get it back to its green status. Upgrade a few more facilities that increase your rate of bringing in money afterward, then go back to hiring more workers once it’s financially safe enough to do so.

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