Bugha & Dakotaz Slam Fortnite Season 3’s Marauders

fortnite marauders bugha dakotaz

Epic Games Marauders have been changed, but does it matter?

One of the biggest changes of Fortnite Season 3 was the introduction of Marauders, a pack of roaming NPCs that have the potential to drop a nice selection of loot as well as ruining your entire game.

They have been a very controversial addition with most players falling on the far ends of the spectrum of either loving them or hating them. On paper, the Marauders are an interesting idea, but given the fact they could show up at any point in time, they are annoying more often than not.

The casual player might not care a whole lot, but some of the top-tier players have expressed their annoyances with the powerful NPCs. If you’re somebody who dislikes the concept of Marauders, you have some big names in Bugha and Dakotaz on your side.

Bugha and Dakotaz Blast The Marauders

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YouTube channel Daily Clips Central, a channel that compiles various Fortnite clips from the top streamers, posted a video that gets Bugha’s and Dakotaz’s thoughts on these new NPCs, and they aren’t positive.

“This is so bad,” Dakotaz said. “How do they think that’s a good thing. I’m not even angry, I’m just baffled at how they even think that’s a good thing in the game. Dude, some of these devs are brainless, I’m telling you, man. I’m like the only streamer that will say it out loud.”

Bugha pretty much echoes the same sentiment, saying he’s going to outright avoid Retail Row forever because of them. Both players openly wonder how the Marauders have even made it into the game, and they do raise some fair concerns.

Are Marauders Too Strong?

The thing that makes them the most annoying is the fact they will just downright hunt you down if you don’t take care of them.

This becomes a major problem if you’re in the middle of a fight and you manage to catch aggro from a pack of them.

It doesn’t look like Epic Games plans on removing them any time soon, so it might be a change they make in Season 4 if they do anything at all.

Fortnite Season 3 is out on all platforms.

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