Eliminating Fortnite Players With Specific Names Causes Lag

fortnite non english glitch

Epic Games

When it comes to Fortnite, you’ll want to gain any edge possible over your opponent as this can very literally be the difference between life and being sent back to the lobby queuing up for another match.

While most of these advantages will rely on superior strategies or better skills, there’s actually something else that some players are becoming aware of.

As it turns out, having a non-English letter in your name, such as a Chinese or Japanese letter, can cause Fortnite to stutter and freeze, which could result in an untimely demise.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t help the person with the name succeed, but it does derail things for the other person.

How it Works

Dying or Killing someone with a Chinese letter in their name can cause your game to hitch/freeze from FortniteCompetitive

If you eliminate a player with a non-English character in their name, it looks like it has a chance to freeze your game for a split-second, which could prove to be all the difference in a big fight.

Obviously, this doesn’t help the player who was eliminated, but it could cause the player who wiped you out to quickly join you in they were in the middle of a fight with someone else at the same time.

Reddit user hobleyyy uploaded a clip of two different incidents of this happening, and many of the replies to his post also confirm the same issue.

It sounds like this has been a problem for several seasons now, but it looks like it’s just now getting into the spotlight.

Will There Be a Fix?

When you consider this has been a problem for quite a while now, it remains to be seen if Epic will step in and fix whatever is causing this problem.

If they do decide to address it, a card will more than likely be added to the Trello board. This board is important to keep an eye on as it gives you insight into what is being fixed in Fortnite and when it will be deployed.

Since Epic doesn’t release patch notes with a new update anymore, this is the only way for us to know what’s actually being worked on, so if you’re ever curious about something, that will be the place you’ll want to look first.

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