Mysterious Fortnite Leak Points to Steamy Stacks Event

fortnite steamy stacks

Epic Games

We’re heading in the sixth week of Fortnite Season 3, meaning we’re starting to see a bit of a transition into the end of the season, which means more hints about the direction Epic will be going is starting to become clearer.

As the water level continues to drop, more and more of the map is revealed, with Craggy Cliffs making a return with the most recent one.

However, it sounds like something could be going on behind the scenes at Steamy Stacks as a mysterious noise has been discovered that could be hinting at something much bigger.

While nothing physically different has been noticed as of yet, a sound has been datamined that sounds especially eerie.

What’s Happening at Steamy Stacks?

This audio has been leaked from the Season 3 update. Something gonna happen at Steamy Stacks? from FortNiteBR

Reddit user RuKo1998 posted a video clip that lets us listen to this leaked sound, but it doesn’t offer any more clues as to what it could be. It’s worth noting that this has been here since the v13.00 update, so it’s been in the files for a while now.

It sounds a little like a tower possibly collapsing, so that could possibly be what we have in store as this season progresses.

There’s really no definitive way to tell what happens until it happens unless another leaker is able to reveal some map changes in the area. There’s still plenty of time left in the season, so Epic could take things slow if they choose to.

When Will We Know More?

We’re still waiting on another Fortnite update as Epic decided to skip one last week. According to leaks, cars will arrive in the game beginning on July 21, but it’s unclear if that means some map changes will also be on the way.

Steamy Stacks could possibly be used as a way to “manufacture” the cars, which could possibly hint at something going wrong and cause whatever this sound is to happen.

Of course, we’re just spitballing here and don’t know anything for certain. All we do know is we’ll have to wait and see what Epic has in store.

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