Fortnite’s The Authority Gets Subtle Map Change

fortnite the authority map changes

Epic Games

At the end of Fortnite Season 2, the map was covered with water and that has continued well into the start of Season 3.

We’re finally starting to see some of the water dry up on the map, which means some locations are being uncovered, with the most recent one being the return of Risky Reels, a popular location from a bygone era.

Now that the water is beginning to disappear, players are noticing some new map changes all over the place. One notable change that has been discovered is Risky Reels featuring a bunch of gold vehicles, which has led many to believe Midas is coming back in some form.

Another thing players have started to see is the return of some flora at The Authority.

Trees Are Coming Back

The next time you find yourself at The Authority, make sure you check and see if there are any trees growing there.

Reddit user LoyaLRickY captured a screenshot of the location to let people know they aren’t going crazy and trees are actually growing back here.

Now, what this means remains to be seen, but it does seem like Mother Nature is fighting back and taking over what was taken by the water. We saw a similar thing happen in the past with Dusty Divot being populated by trees after the initial meteor hit the area.

What Other Map Changes Are There?

As the season continues to progress, we can likely expect to see other areas of the map receive small changes like this.

They don’t really amount to a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still something fun for the eagle-eyed players to look out for.

In a future update, we can likely expect some more minor changes like this to pop up, so be on the lookout the next time you find yourself on the island!

Whether it’s the return of Midas or trees, Epic Games doesn’t ever seem like they put anything into the game accidentally.

Fortnite Season 3 is out now on all platforms.

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