Pokemon GO Jessie & James: How to Beat & Best Counters

pokemon go jessie and james


The famous Team Rocket duo from the Pokemon anime – Jessie and James – are now available to fight in Pokemon GO.

The duo are appearing in the skies via a Meowth balloon. To fight them, just wait for them to appear in the sky and then tap on the balloon to fight them.

According to Niantic, the duo won’t be in the game for long.

One user on The Silph Road Subreddit has already defeated them and reported on the lineup.

Here are the Pokemon Jessie and James use in Pokemon GO and the best counters to use against them:


1. Ekans – Mewtwo, Alakazam, Groudon, Garchomp, Rhyperior, Gardevoir
2. Scyther – Rampardos, Terrakion, Rhyperior, Chandelure, Reshiram, Moltres, Rayquaza, Zekrom, Electrivire, Raikou, Mamoswine
3. Bagon – Rayquaza, Zekrom, Dialga, Dragonite, Mamoswine, Togekiss, Gardevoir

Reward: Ekans


1. Koffing – Mewtwo, Alakazam, Groudon, Garchomp, Rhyperior, Gardevoir
2. Sneasel – Machamp, Conkeldurr, Blaziken, Resiram, Moltres, Rampardos
3. Beldum – Chandelure, Giratina, Resiram, Groudon, Garchomp

Reward: Koffing

According to the user, Jessie and James are around the same difficulty as regular Team GO Rocket grunts. They don’t use shields and should go down easy with a single strong Pokemon by your side.

The Pokemon you get from them as a reward for defeating them has a chance to be shiny.

It’s possible that you can also get a Mysterious Fragment to create the Rocket Radar, but we’re not sure.

Outfits based on Jessie and James are also available in the in-game store.

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