5 SINoAlice Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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From the eccentric mind of Japanese video game director Yoko Taro (Nier: Automata) comes a new mobile RPG called SINoAlice.

During your time spent within this dark and moody experience, you’ll amass an army of powerful women who head into battle with powerful elemental weapons and Nightmare creatures that can be summoned to their aid. Besides party-based battles, you’ll also busy yourself with Purification missions that task you with clearing out as many baddies as possible under a strict time limit. These active gameplay goals are also joined by character/gear modification goals, gacha elements, guild participation, PvP Coliseum battles, and so much more. The path to victory is long and arduous, but we’re here to equip you with all the advice you need in order to overcome every tough task. Welcome to the dark fairy tale world of SINoAlice.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for SINoAlice:

Download SINoAlice from Google Play here.

1. For Each Character’s Gear Set, Always Go With the Recommended Option

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• By the time you kick off your odd adventure in SINoAlice, you’ll heave already obtained a class-type character and a multitude of gear to equip them with. After completing a series of story quests, you’ll end up earning even more characters, plus new weapons, armor, and Nightmares that are ready to be attached to your army of heroines. Once you’ve gathered a substantial amount of gear, take a trip back to the gear sets lists edit menu to perform some character class modifications.

• If you always want to stay ahead of the difficulty curve, it’s always best if you tap on the recommended button (strongest) when it comes time to equip each unlocked character with the best main/sub-gear you currently have. Doing so gives your characters various types of elemental gear to head into battle with, which gives them an edge against the ever-changing elemental beasts they’ll contend with. Relying on the recommended option while you’re upgrading your gear is always best as well. It’s not worth selling off any gear you may obtain – just put any unequipped gear you have towards improving your equipped ones to get the proper usage out of them.

2. Aim for Completing Every Chapter of a Single Act for One Character Every Day


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• The main story section gives you a wealth of missions to complete within single acts. Most of these missions are enclosed within chapters that are tied to a certain character. Try to complete at least one chapter of missions for a character on a daily basis so you can walk away with a good amount of Twilight Crystals and essential drop rewards.

• Make sure you select the character that comes with the effect up active boost for each chapter mission you hop into, by the way. Relying on the auto battle option during all three waves of foes and activating one of your Nightmare summons during the final boss wave is usually the best way to go. Once you’ve made your way through an entire chapter of battles for a single character, head into the gear menu to do some character gear management to make good use of the latest pieces of gear you’ve just unlocked.

• Sometimes it’s best to just farm co-op and event battles for an entire gameplay session if you have the AP energy to do so – that way, you can farm character EXP and obtain all sorts of extra goodies in the process. This gameplay option is especially worthwhile when you hit a difficulty roadblock on the main story path. Whenever you do run out of AP, just take a trip to the Purification tab to earn a whole lot more of it back.

• During this endless combat simulator, save your character’s special attack for the group of enemies you encounter during the last three seconds of your current mission. Purification missions are also good for getting characters extra EXP, too. Using the Purification function is free of charge during the first 20 levels of your player rank. After passing that player rank, you’ll need to wait eight hours before you get to perform a Purification again. Completing all your daily missions will net you the ticket needed to use the Purification feature even when it’s in cooldown mode.

3. Rack Up Enough Twilight Crystals to Always Take Advantage of the Grimoirex11 Option


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• Before you log off for the day, you should make it a habit of earning enough Twilight Crystals to make use of the Grimoirex11 character/gear drawing option. Unlocking new characters and pieces of gear in one fell swoop is always worth the effort, especially when the Grimorex11 option guarantees you an S+-ranked gear draw.

• The pieces of gear you roll can be put towards making your characters stronger and upgrading the equipment you currently have in your growing arsenal. So take a good look at all the main, daily, and event missions that reward you with Twilight Crystals so you can complete them and earn enough to draw several characters/gear in a single turn on a daily basis.

4. So What Should You Purchase From the Shop and Medal Exchange?


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• As you get your hands on Twilight Crystals and the game’s various types of medals, you’ll be able to put them towards shop and Medal Exchange purchases. Whenever you have a few Twilight Crystals left over after performing a Grimoirex11 draw, use them to purchase a few booster items.

• You’ll be better off using those booster items to increase the rate of EXP, item drops, and gold you obtain during a fresh login when you complete new story battles. As for the Medal Exchange shop, there are four types of meal purchases you can take advantage of. Every item that’s being sold within these four medal shops is worth buying, so feel free to get whatever you desire from them in that regard.

5. Map Out Your Daily Goals According to What’s Listed on the Rookies Path and Daily Mission Lists

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• Every time you log in, you should stick to the gameplan set out by the game’s Rookies Path achievements and daily missions. You’ll end up earning tons of useful items just by beating the many missions supplied by both options. You’ll also want to take down all of the current event missions given to you since they tend to award you with even better goodies, such as highly ranked pieces of gear and the materials you need to evolve all that gear you have.

Check out the video tutorial posted below for a thorough breakdown of SINoAlice’s Guild Coliseum PvP skirmishes:

A FAQ for SINoALICE – The ColosseumJoin the discord for guides, assistance, and more discord.gg/Zqf88dK Thanks to Kent for letting me use his Colosseum footage. Timestamps ————————— 00:38 Timeslots 01:29 What if a Guild Member is absent from Colosseum? 02:11 What is Colosseum? 02:28 Colosseum Compositions and roles 03:31 Colosseum Combat 04:26 Resurrection 05:10 Shinma Buffs 06:04 Colosseum and SP 07:03…2019-07-16T03:36:15Z

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