How to Upgrade Your Sword in Ghost of Tsushima

how to upgrade katana ghost of tsushima


The proposed swan song of the PS4 era, Ghost of Tsushima, is out now and it takes us all the way back to feudal Japan.

Throughout your travels as a lone samurai, you’ll come across new weapons and gear you’ll need to upgrade. Before you do that, you’ll have to collect the plethora of material found in the world such as bamboo, iron, steel, etc.

Once you get enough of a stockpile, you’ll be ready to upgrade your gear, but instead of doing it straight from the main menu, you’ll have to visit certain vendors that can be found in towns around the world.

Before you can upgrade your sword, you’ll need to find a swordsmith. You’ll quickly realize that this is easier said than done, and you’ll actually have to progress a bit through the campaign before you can do anything.

Reclaim The Forge

ghost of tsushima upgrade sword

SonyYour katana is your life.

The main quest you’re looking for is called Hammer and Forge, and it tasks you and a small group of fighters with the objective of taking back the Komatsu Forge.

This mission will pit you against a lot of Mongol warriors, so make sure on your A-game or else you’re going to spend a lot of time in the respawn screen.

It’s a rather lengthy mission, but once it’s all wrapped up, you’ll be able to visit this town and upgrade your sword, provided you have all of the materials needed.

Find The Swordsmith


how to upgrade sword ghost of tsushima

SonyYou have to visit the swordsmith.

Any town that has a swordsmith will be one that can upgrade both your main weapon as well as your assassination sword.

Both weapons will be vital to succeeding in Ghost of Tsushima, so make sure you keep both of them relatively upgraded.

The Komatsu Forge in particular has a swordsmith, merchant, trapper, and armorer to visit, so it’ll be a hot spot for anybody in the market for upgrading their gear.

Ghost of Tsushima is out now on PS4.

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