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All that time spent playing the abstract, F.L.U.D.D.-less levels of Super Mario Sunshine as a kid finally paid off.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout sees groups of 60 players navigate Wipeout-style obstacle courses with the goal of being the first and only player to grab the crown after five rounds of challenges. It’s basically a Battle Royale take on Super Mario 64.

Naturally, getting the gold at the end when competing against 60 other players is quite a daunting task, so here’s 10 tips to give you the edge.

1. Be Patient & Cool-headed

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Fall Guys is meant to be a fast-paced, frantic party game, but don’t get caught up in the mad dash to the finish line. Often it’s better to take your time and assess the situation. This is especially true in the early rounds where more players are allowed to finish the match and qualify for future rounds. The shortcut toward the end of the whirligig level is tempting, but it’s entirely down to luck if you make it through the propeller at the end of the ramp or not. It may be worth it to take the side paths instead.

2. Your Jump Is Deceptively Small

You need to get a good feel of your jump if you are to get far in Fall Guys. This isn’t Mario or Sonic; you are a heavy little dude. You need to plan most of your jumps ahead of time if you are to get a good pace going.

But you can do things to mitigate the risk of failure with your jumps. For instance, in the whirligig level, it’s best to jump against the spinning barriers (jump counterclockwise instead of clockwise) so you can clear the barrier easier.

Once you get the jump down pat, you can make little rules for yourself. In the Hex-a-gone level, you can jump over one hexagon platform. During the hidden path level, you won’t be able to jump over the last row of panels to get to the finish line.

3. Dive Sparingly

The dive move is really useful, but only in a pinch. You can use it as a sort of double jump to give yourself a little boost across a gap or past an obstacle if you don’t think you’ll make it. However, diving leaves you stuck on the ground for an extended period compared to simply jumping. This can be especially bad on the Hex-a-gone level, where if you dive onto a hexagon you may not have enough time to get up before the hexagon disappears and you fall.

4. Use Momentum to Your Advantage

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Some levels contain conveyor belts. While most of them go against you and slow you down, you can run with them to gain momentum and extend the speed and distance of your jumps. During the Dizzy Heights level, move with the rotating circles to get some good speed going. This is especially useful in the team level Hoopsy Daisy where you try to jump through more hoops than the other teams. Plenty of hoops spawn near the rotating circles, and running along with them will make it easier to jump through the hoops. Just make sure to jump at the right time so you don’t go sailing past them.

5. Pay Attention to the Other Players

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Keep an eye out for other players and what they’re doing. Sometimes hanging a little bit in the back and letting others make mistakes will give you a huge advantage.

This is especially true in the Gate Crash level. Here you have to jump through rows of doors. Some doors will let you through while others will stop you in your tracks. Hang behind players making the same gamble and then run through the correct door.

In the see-saw level, you’ll slide off the see-saw if you jump on it while it’s too steep. Watch the other players jump on it to see if they slide off. If they don’t, you’ll know that it’s safe to jump on.

The hidden path level has players run across a grid of panels, with some panels staying in place when you jump on them and others disappearing immediately. The correct panels are highlighted for a while. Hang back so you know which panels to jump on and which to avoid. Let others take the risk for you. Keep in mind that the hidden path might have alternate pathways that are shorter than the ones players found.

Also pay attention to the scores for each team during a team match. If a team is in the lead, you’ll want to focus on removing their advantage as soon as possible so it doesn’t grow bigger. If a team has more eggs than everyone, for instance, you’ll know to steal eggs from that team.

There are some instances where following the leader isn’t the best option. For instance, during the hoop jumping team match, hoops disappear as soon as a player jumps through them. So don’t follow players already way ahead of you on the way to a hoop.

6. Memorize Course Layouts

Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Knowing exactly when to jump or where obstacles are hiding will give you a huge advantage over players experiencing that course for the first time. Remember, for instance, to stay slightly to the sides of the Fruit Chute level so you aren’t hit by the rolling log. This also includes where objectives like hoops will spawn in multiplayer matches. This of course take practice, but soon you’ll develop enough of a mental map so you can better plan your movement around obstacles.

7. Work With Your Team

Team matches can often be down to how skilled your other teammates are or just sheer luck. However, there are ways to stack the odds in your favor, and that’s through working with your teammates. Make sure not to get in their way, such as when they’re carrying eggs to a basket or trying to jump through a hoop. While communication is virtually nonexistent in non-squad-based games, you can try to coordinate your efforts with other teammates and try to get in the way of the other teams by grabbing onto or diving into them.

8. Make Sure to Actually Grab the Crown

Please, for goodness sake, do not forget to grab the crown (with the right trigger button when using a controller) at the end of the Fall Mountain level.

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