Fortnite Ant Manor Arrives As Beacons Enter Next Phase

fortnite ant manor

Epic Games

The map changes are coming in fast and furious when it comes to Fortnite Season 4 and that has the whole community buzzing.

After already going through a round of map changes just days after the release of the season, we’re already getting another before the first update even arrives.

Since this season has an entirely Marvel theme complete with skins and POIs, it’s not surprising to see that every change made to the map so far has tied into the comics in some way.

With the latest map change, we received a location that is a reference to everyone’s favorite bite-sized hero, Ant-Man, but that’s not the only thing that changed.

Let’s dive right in and take a look.

Ant Manor Has Arrived

The next time you load up Fortnite, you’ll notice a grayed out area of the map next to Holly Hedges that will just be begging you to explore.

This is the site of the elusive Ant Manor, which surprisingly wasn’t even showing up at all when I landed there but was instead just an empty plot of land with a few rifts surrounding it.

ant manor location fortnite

Epic GamesIt doesn’t look like anything is there.

When it does show up, it looks like it’ll be the same thing as the Trask Industries truck that appeared in the last update where it was on top of a sphere. It appears that these rifts are slowly transporting things from the Marvel universe into the game.

The Beacons Are Progressing

fortnite stark beacons

Epic GamesThe next phase has begun.

The beacons that are located on the right side of the map have started to shift into another phase, indicating the next part of the plan is getting set to begin.

We don’t yet know what that means, but according to the picture HYPEX posted, it looks like something is definitely getting ready to happen.

After getting off to slow starts in previous seasons, it’s clear that Epic Games wants to get the ball rolling fast in Season 4, and it looks like the community is very grateful for that.

Back in the early days of Fortnite, Epic stretched out a storyline over the course of an entire season, and it’s starting to look like they’re getting right back to that now with how fast things are progressing.

Fortnite Season 4 is out now.

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