Fortnite Cars Release Date: Everything You Need to Know

fortnite cars release date

Epic Games

One of the things that Fortnite players have been looking forward to the most this season has been the release of cars, but for the majority of the season, they have been missing in action.

Although the cars have kept on eluding us, that hasn’t stopped more and more information from coming out about them, so much so that we can pretty much know exactly what to expect when they do eventually release.

As it turns out, the wait is nearly over and cars will be arriving in the next update, v13.40.

Epic Games has dubbed this upcoming patch as the Joyride update, and we couldn’t think of a better name ourselves.

Cars Release Date

The much-anticipated release of cars will happen on August 5 with update v13.40. We can likely expect more than just the cars with this patch, but it clears that this will be the meat of the update.

With the water level presumably no longer dropping each week, this is the perfect time for us to hit the open road with our new vehicles. We’ll just have to hope the game-breaking glitches with the boats are ironed out as well.

New Punch Cards

Something interesting that was added in Season 3 was the whole Punch Card system. These cards encourage players to break out of their comfort zone and try some things in the game they wouldn’t otherwise do.

For the cars update, it looks like they will be adding cards that reward you for driving your teammates around the map. There could possibly be some more cards that just weren’t found in the files ahead of time, but it looks like we can expect these at the very least.

Cars Need Gas

We don’t know exactly how it’ll work, but we do know that the cars will require gas in order to go. This will likely mean they can’t just drive around the map all match as we see in other battle royales.

It is a bit interesting to see this direction considering the boats and Choppa don’t need to be filled up, so perhaps the team decided the cars would be too powerful if that were the case.

These Things Hurt When They Explode

It sounds like you will not want to be around a car when it explodes because it will deal a lot of damage.

If you’re right next to the car upon explosion, it will send you right back to the lobby as it deals 200 damage to players.

It also seems like driving a burning car into a building won’t be a bad idea as it deals 800 damage to the environment when it blows up.

Multiple Types & New LTM

Perhaps what’s most exciting is there will be multiple types of cars that come into the game, so there will be plenty of new vehicles to play around with.

On top of that, it sounds like there’s going to be a special racing LTM that gives players a chance to get acquainted with the new vehicles.

It’s definitely one of the most exciting updates of the season and we can’t wait to see how they look!

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