How to Complete Coral Buddies Modern Age Quest in Fortnite

fortnite coral buddies modern age

Epic Games

Another Coral Buddies quest is now available in Fortnite and they are ready to enter the Nuclear Age with this one.

Everyone’s favorite critters from Season 3 are looking to leave the island, and perhaps the planet entirely, but they’re going to need your help to do it.

Previously, they needed to collect wood and stone from you, so naturally, they’ll need to get some metal from you this time around.

This will require you to collect 100 metal and donate it to them. But before we can do all that, it won’t matter a whole lot if you don’t know where to find these Coral Buddies in the first place.

Here’s where you can find them and earn an easy 50,000 XP.

Where Are the Coral Buddies?

fortnite coral buddies modern age quest

Epic GamesThe Coral Buddies need your help!

Located on the same island as before, which is in the far north of the map in the B quadrant, the Coral Buddies will be waiting for your arrival.

You’ll be able to find them on the shore of the top of the island standing next to a rocket launch platform.

Here, you’ll discover they need 100 metal and you’ll notice that there’s not really an easy way to get metal on their tiny island. If you hop into a Team Rumble match, you’ll start with enough metal to complete this quest, so that’ll be the easiest way to do it.

As an added bonus, there are respawns in Team Rumble so even if you’re eliminated by somebody else trying to do this, you can just come back and do it.

Keep in mind that while I was able to launch the rocket in Team Rumble, it didn’t seem to reward XP, even though it said it did. Obviously, your mileage may vary, but it’s something to keep in mind.

There’s Another Step!

Coral Buddies Modern & Nuclear Age Secret Challenges – Fortnite (Easy 50,000 XP)Coral Buddies Modern & Nuclear Age Secret Challenges – Fortnite (Easy 50,000 XP) This is a secret challenge in Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3. The challenge is not actually listed anywhere in the game for you to track. There are two parts to this secret quest, the first one you need to donate 100 metal…2020-08-05T10:28:56Z

Launching the rocket gives you 25,000 XP, but you can actually get your hands on double that amount if you find the nuclear container and bring it back to the buddies.

The short video above by YouTuber HarryNinetyFour shows you how to do just that, so it shouldn’t take you a whole lot of time.

If you’re someone who would never turn down easy XP, we highly recommend doing this challenge as it’ll only take a minute or so to fully complete.

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