Fortnite Season 4 on iOS Doesn’t Sound Very Likely

fortnite season 4 ios

Epic Games

As Fortnite Season 3 comes to a close, things are looking quite good for everyone who isn’t playing on a mobile device.

Following the drop in price for V-Bucks across every platform, Apple and Google both retaliated by pulling Fortnite from both of their storefronts.

While Android users can still get Fortnite through other means, iPhone users have no such luck on their end. Epic Games has since filed a lawsuit on both companies following their decision and there’s no telling when that will be resolved.

On August 17, Epic Games announced that Apple will be removing Epic completely from the iOS and Mac platforms, which means the Unreal Engine tools will be removed.

This could create a gigantic ripple effect across the entire mobile gaming industry as the Unreal Engine is used by several third-party developers, including some of which are in the Apple Arcade program.

When Does This Happen?

The removal is set to take place on August 28, a day after Season 4 is officially set to begin, so it’s putting the future of Fortnite in doubt on iOS.

While it was already looking quite grim for iPhone players, the situation just got a whole lot murkier and it’s becoming a lot bigger than just Fortnite.

Epic has asked the court to step in and stop this, and there’s a chance they could do that, but that won’t necessarily mean Season 4 is coming to mobile.

What’s Next For Apple?

At this point, it’s hard to decide what the correct course of action is for iPhone players, but it’s looking like they’ll have to shift to another platform to continue enjoying the game.

Luckily, Fortnite is a completely free-to-play experience, but that doesn’t mean much to everyone who currently games exclusively on iPhones or Androids.

This could end up being a prolonged battle between the two companies and it’ll be hurting players as it all plays out.

If there are any more developments in this case moving forward, we’ll keep you updated.

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