Fortnite Leak Reveals 2020 Birthday Cosmetics

fortnite birthday celebration

Epic Games Another birthday party is coming.

No, Epic Games didn’t forget Fortnite’s third birthday, but they haven’t celebrated it yet either.

Usually, there’s some sort of in-game event to celebrate the occasion, but that hasn’t come to pass so far this year, but if leakers are anything to go off, then that’s getting set to change.

Leaker FortniteFevers posted a bunch of images on Reddit that give us our first look at what to expect from this upcoming event, including a glimpse at two of the new weapon wraps.

There will surely be more than this since a third birthday for a game is no small accomplishment, but this looks to be what we know for now.

Leaked Wraps

The first wrap looks like it’ll be a set of sprinkles, likely to signify a celebration, so this fits right in for a birthday.

Wraps haven’t traditionally been something that players get too excited about, but if these end up being free cosmetics, then it’s pretty hard to be upset about that.

This isn’t the only wrap that’s leaked either as there’s also one other one, which FortniteFevers has also said will be available free of charge.

Last year’s event came with a set of challenges for players to complete, so there’s really no reason to not expect the same thing this time around as well.

When Can We Expect the Event?

A good time to see a birthday event would be the next update, especially when you consider September is the 3rd anniversary of the battle royale mode.

If we were celebrating Fortnite’s actual birthday, that would have happened back in July, but we all know that came and went.

We do know that Rocket League is crossing over with Fortnite with the Llama Rama event, but we don’t yet know what that will entail.

All of our questions will hopefully be answered soon, so stay tuned and be on the lookout for another birthday event.

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