Fortnite Exploit Found With Doctor Doom Mystic Bomb

fortnite doctor doom bomb exploit

Epic Games Doom is coming.

Throughout Fortnite Chapter 2, there have been various locations on the map that featured boss NPCs, and that hasn’t changed with the addition of Season 4.

In a newly taken over location, Doctor Doom can be found prowling around Pleasant Park, now known as Doom’s Domain. If you manage to defeat him, he’ll drop his gauntlets and his bomb, both very powerful weapons.

The gauntlets can be fired non-stop without the need for a reload, making them a very powerful tool in any playlist, but they can really shine in Trios and Squads. The bomb, on the other hand, comes with a 10-second cooldown, so it’s a lot more situational.

That is, it was until players found out that the cooldown for hero items are actually tied to a player, meaning you can trade them off between teammates.

Exploit or Intended?

VideoVideo related to fortnite exploit found with doctor doom mystic bomb2020-09-02T12:10:12-04:00

Fortnite pros Clix, Calc and MackWood showed off how powerful this can be after rotating the bomb between the three of them and just raining down explosions on a poor team stuck in a box.

(Clip begins around 0:17)

When the item isn’t in your possession, the timer will still be going, so by the time you rotate it through your entire team, it could already be time to use it again.

The video shows the Doctor Doom bomb being used in this way, but we imagine it’d work the same for Groot’s shield or Silver Surfer’s board.

Should This Be Changed?

If this is actually an oversight by Epic Games, it’s a massive one that could give a team who eliminates Doctor Doom at the beginning of a match a massive advantage.

An easy fix for this would be to give it a universal 10-second cooldown to prevent things like this from happening.

Another fix would be to just remove the mythic items from competitive modes like Cash Cups and Arena. We’re sure the pros wouldn’t mind that too much since these weapons are a lot stronger than any of the other weapons in the game.

We’ll have to just wait and see what Epic Games has planned going forward.

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