How to Get Powerful New Fortnite Galactus Gun

fortnite galactus gun

Epic Games / Marvel

Now that Fortnite v14.10 is out, there are a lot of new things for players to dive right into and explore for themselves.

Outside of the addition of Stark Industries, a series of Gorgers have also popped up all over the map. These strange objects are here to scope out the island ahead of Galactus’ arrival, and they do bear a striking resemblance to the Marvel villain.

Around these Gorgers are a bunch of small ones, and if you take the time to actually eliminate them all, you could come away with a pretty strong gun, even if it is one that will be quite difficult to carry around in your inventory and get a win with.

Where to Get The Galactus Gun

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First, you’ll have to track down the Gorgers that land on the map, which will be signaled by a giant red beam that shoots up from the island.

If you miss that, you can also head on over to one of their set spawn points and hope for the best. It’s worth nothing that the Gorgers can actually drop a gold RPG, making that the only way you can get your hands on one in Season 4.

Fortnite YouTuber SypherPK showed that if you take out one of the smaller drones around the Gorger, you can pick up their weapon and start using it. Instead of taking up spots in your inventory, it’ll instead be carried around, but you’ll have to drop it before you do anything else.

Is This Gun Any Good?

fortnite gorgers

Epic GamesThe Gorgers are here.

The gun itself does dish out 37 damage per hit, which means it’s far from being the weakest weapon in the game, but that does come with some issues.

Easily the biggest problem with the Galactus gun is the fact that you lose a lot of mobility while using it. At the end of the day, it’s a decent gun if you want to wipe out other NPCs, such as the Gorgers themselves, but if you want to win the game, you’re better off sticking with something else.

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