Fortnite Galactus & Venom Challenges Leak

fortnite galactus venom challenges

Epic Games Galactus is coming.

Although it feels like a lot has already happened in Fortnite Season 4, we’re just now getting our first official update and with it has come many leaks to look forward to.

With this season featuring all types of Marvel characters, it’s not surprising to see even more of them leak following the v14.10 update.

One fan-favorite character who is currently trying to create his own universe with Sony, Venom, has been confirmed by leakers and they say he will eventually have his own skin in Fortnite.

Meanwhile, there’s still the impending threat of Galactus that is looming over the island, and it looks like Epic and Marvel have teamed up to give him his own skin as well. Galactus might seem like some sort of giant cosmic being, but he was actually once a man, so he could definitely be a skin.

On top of that, these two characters have also had a set of challenges leak that will reward players with a bunch of XP.

Venom Challenges

Courtesy of Fortnite leaker FortTory, there are two different challenge sets for both Venom and Galactus.

Taking advantage of Venom’s new ability, there will be a string of challenges that will require you to do damage with it.

Now, the challenge does state opponents hit with the Smash and Grab ability, and since it does 60 damage to players, it does seem like it means you’ll have to literally hit 100 different players with it to complete every step. Of course, this just a leak for the time being, so it’s subject to change.

Galactus Challenges

Also according to FortTory, there will be a set of challenges for Galactus that requires players to eliminate Gorgers. It might be a bit too early to tell what that means exactly, or if it’ll require us to wear his skin while doing it.

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR is entirely convinced that he will become a skin in the future, so perhaps Epic is just waiting to release it when more of the story has played out.

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