Fortnite Iron Man Unibeam & Crash Pads Make Crazy Combo

fortnite iron man unibeam crash pad

Epic Games Pew pew.

Powerful guns and insane items are no stranger to Fortnite, but Epic Games definitely upped the ante in Season 4 with the addition of all sorts of Mythic Marvel weapons.

Things got started with Silver Surfer’s board, Groot’s Bramble Shield, and Doctor Doom’s gauntlets and bomb – and now Epic has added even more to the roster.

As part of the v14.10 patch that introduced Stark Industries, we also received Iron Man as a new boss got two special Iron Man weapons.

The gauntlets act a lot like the Doom ones, but the main attraction here is definitely the unibeam, which has the power to dish out tons of damage in a short burst, making it devastating in the right hands.

Fortnite YouTuber Lachlan showed off a crazy combo with this unibeam and a pair of crash pads that you’ll just be dying to try.

Take a Look at This

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Lachlan shows that if you’re able to come across two crash pads, you’ll be able to launch yourself high into the air, and we’re talking extremely high.

The key is to use the unibeam and drop a Crash Pad right away. Then, you’ll have to plop down another pad and it should shoot your character high into the air. Lachlan makes it look easy, but it might end up taking some practice, so you might want to watch him do it a few times if you’re having trouble.

If done correctly, you’ll start soaring up into the sky, and he shows that if you also have Silver Surfer’s board, you’ll be able to come on down on unsuspecting foes.

Is This a Bug?

It definitely seems a bit strange that this exists in the game, but at least it’s not on the level as the Groot ball bug.

We imagine that if this is used to pull off a variety of trick shots, there’s really no harm in keeping it in the game.

If players start to abuse this, such as using this method to stay out of another player’s draw distance to wait out the storm, then we could see Epic stepping in and taking action.

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