Fortnite Midas Flopper is Still Coming in Season 4

fortnite midas flopper

Epic Games That's one strange fish.

One of the strangest leaks in the leadup to Fortnite Season 4 was one that revealed the Midas flopper.

Somehow, the main boss of Fortnite turned into a fish, and many players thought it was a joke, and it’s really hard to blame them. However, leakers have yet again confirmed this fish is indeed real.

One entity that has remained tight-lipped about the whole situation is Epic Games themselves. However, Fortnite China has seemingly confirmed this fish, and another rare one called the Vendetta, are actually real and they are still on the way.

Fortnite Season 4 has given us even more ways to fish, and with so many fishing punch cards to collect, it’s not surprising to see them build upon this foundation.

Where is the Midas Fish?

According to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, the Midas flopper has been confirmed by Fortnite China, and it will be arriving later on.

He says this is confirmation that the fish hasn’t actually be scrapped, and plans are still moving forward. There have been rumors floating around that the fish is actually in the game, but just very rare, but it looks like it just isn’t in Fortnite yet.

That’s not saying it won’t be extremely rare to catch, and we don’t even know what it’ll do once it finally arrives.

What Does This Mean For Midas?

fortnite the last laugh pack

Epic Games / Warner BrosMore DC characters are on the way.

It seems pretty clear that Midas is still involved with Fortnite, but we don’t really have any idea what this means.

On top of being turned into a fish, we also know about the DC villains bundle that features both The Joker and Poison Ivy. Those characters could carry a bundle all on their own, but Midas was thrown into the mix.

Considering this season has been entirely Marvel themed, it does seem curious that we’re getting a DC bundle to close out the season, which could mean we’ll be seeing a DC themed season in our future.

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