What’s Going on With That Fortnite Shield Bubble?

fortnite season 4 beacons

Epic Games

The plot of Fortnite Season 4 is moving along very fast as we’ve already had numerous map changes before v14.10 has even arrived.

This is completely different from how the seasons have traditionally operated in the past, so it’s cool to see things ramp into overdrive this time around.

We know that at some point Galactus is going to hurl himself onto the island, and it’s likely he’ll be coming from the tiny star-like object in the sky, but we don’t know when or what he’ll be doing when he finally gets here.

Based on all of these beacons scattered around the map, it looks like Thor, Iron Man, and the rest of the gang are more than ready for his arrival.

What Are These Beacons Doing?

The bubble is appearing! from FortNiteBR

In this screenshot by Reddit user williambash, you can see that the beacons are coming along nicely, as they progress a bit further with each map update.

It’s entirely possible we could see them actually put to work when the v14.10 update hits, presumably later this week.

With a cosmic threat like Galactus, it remains to be seen if a measly shield bubble like this will actually be able to make a difference, but that won’t stop the Marvel heroes from trying.

What Comes After This?

We’re in unprecedented territory right now because Epic will usually save things like this for the end of the season, but we’re at the very beginning of one right now.

It seems like there’s little to no chance that Galactus will be coming to the island so soon, but we don’t really know what to expect.

If we had to guess, we’d say the shield will finally be ready, and we may even get a small tease about Galactus.

We still have about 80 percent of the season to go, so we don’t want to see Epic Games move along too fast, so we’re fine if they slow it down a bit.

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