What to Expect in Fortnite v14.10: Downtime, Fixes & More

fortnite v1410 patch notes

Epic Games

It may not feel like it, but v14.10 is the first actual update of Fortnite Season 4, despite several map changes already occurring.

Epic Games has gotten off to a blazing fast start this season and it looks like we could be seeing Galactus any day now if those beacons being activated are anything to go by.

We might be a tad too early for anything to happen on that end, but we still have to wait until the v14.10 patch arrives before we know for sure what’s going to happen.

Since this is a bigger than usual update, there will be downtime for this, which means everyone’s Fortnite will temporarily go offline while the patch is added.

Fortnite v14.10 Downtime

Downtime begins at 4 a.m. ET / 1 a.m. PT on September 10 and it will likely be down for around an hour or so.

Throughout the entirety of Chapter 2, we haven’t seen any patch notes whatsoever from Epic Games, so it doesn’t look like that will be changing.

Luckily, we have the Fortnite Trello board to look at if we want to figure out what types of changes are coming to the game. While this doesn’t tell us about new features, it does show what bugs will be fixed.

All Fortnite v14.10 Bug Fixes

There have been a few annoying bugs in Fortnite Season 4 so far, such as using the Silver Surfer board causing the game to crash on some platforms.

Epic Games has confirmed that nagging issue will be fixed in the upcoming update, but that’s not the only thing that’s coming.

Let’s take a look:

  • Using Silver Surfer’s Board on PS4 or Nintendo Switch sometimes causing crash.
  • Glider audio from opponents is sometimes missing.
  • Unable to consume or throw fish while in passenger seat.
  • Using Bifrost Glow Contrail in a match causes FPS drop.
  • Supply Drops not disappearing after being opened.
  • Multiselect copying objects that are scaled down can revert them to the original size. (Creative)

That’s everything that’s listed as being fixed in the next update, so it’s nothing earthshattering, but it’s still stuff that players will appreciate being fixed.

More Map Changes? Customize Your Hero?

We’ve seen a bunch of smaller map changes happen up to this point, but this update could give us the biggest one yet with the Stark Industries location.

Another interesting thing to point out is it sounds like there will be a way for you to customize your own hero in the item shop, meaning you can stand apart from the rest of the Marvel cast.

It sounds like this will be a fun update, at least according to the patch notes posted by FireMonkey, so stay tuned!

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