Fortnite Wolverine Challenge Week 5 Leaks

fortnite wolverine week 5 challenge

Epic Games

We’re approaching the halfway mark of Fortnite Season 4 which means we’re about to enter the fifth week.

This new week means we’ll be getting a new set of challenges to complete and we’ll be one step closer to unlocking the elusive Wolverine style.

Week 5 won’t be getting us the skin just yet, but will be able to unlock a cool glider style, and you’ll still need to get this challenge done if you want to unlock the skin anyways.

This next challenge, if the leak is accurate, has players going to a Mutant Containment Truck, which could actually end up being some sort of hint towards a grander scheme that’s going on behind the scenes. Let’s take a look.

Wolverine Challenge Week 5

According to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, who revealed three weeks of challenges back on September 10, the Week 5 challenge will task players with tracking down a Mutant Containment Truck, at least that’s what the placeholder says.

Obviously, a truck like that will invoke some very strong thoughts from a mutant like Wolverine, so we could be heading down a dangerous path for the fellow X-Men that are currently in Fortnite.

This does mean there will likely be a map change or two once this week rolls around, and that’s to be expected since this will also coincide with the v14.20 patch.

The Skin is Nearly Here

fortnite wolverine season 4 plot

Epic GamesWolverine is almost here.

After this week wraps up, we’ll be right on the cusp of unlocking the elusive Wolverine skin, and you’ll no doubt be seeing tons of players rocking it as soon as it becomes available.

There will also be a variant style that will be unlockable, but that’ll come at a later time. It will likely be quite easy to get, as was the Deadpool and Aquaman variant styles from before, but it’ll still be cool to have.

Wolverine is just one of many Marvel skins that are available this season, so don’t let your foot off the gas when you unlock him.

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