Landing Spots With Most Chest Spawns in Fortnite Season 4

best fortnite season 4 drop spots

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With so many locations in Fortnite Season 4, it can be tough to tell what the best spot to land is, especially with many of the changes that have been made.

Starting in Season 4, chest spawns were no longer a guarantee which made looting at the various POIs even more difficult. It came down to a lot of luck and it forced many players to reconsider their drop spots.

By now, everyone is likely used to this change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a welcome one. One thing you can do is make sure you land at spots that have a lot of chest spawns, because then you’ll still be guaranteed to get at least something.

Here’s a look at all of the current locations in the game and how many chests can be found at them.

What’s The Best Drop Spot?

According to the calculations of Comet528, Doom’s Domain and Weeping Woods are mysteriously the most plentiful when it comes to chest spawns, featuring a whopping 36 of them to go along with 49 and 37 ammo boxes respectively.

Now, not all of those chests will spawn, but you’ll have to the best chance of getting guaranteed loot there since it has the most chances in general.

When it comes to the worst landing spot, it looks like that will be Salty Springs, which is strange because this is still a popular hot drop, even in Season 4.

Don’t Forget About Mythic Items

Epic GamesDoom.

Another thing that will make Doom’s Domain even more popular is the fact that a vault and Doctor Doom can be found there.

The vault will reward players with very good loot, while Doom himself will drop his bomb and gauntlets as Mythic weapons, which can let you dominate the lobby with ease.

Stark Industries is also a good spot for this, and although it doesn’t have as many chest spawns at Doom’s Domain does, this is still a very popular and worthwhile drop.

At the end of the day, it does come down to personal preference. If you have a good routine with a certain drop and you’re able to to perform well with it, then there’s no reason to switch it up.

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