How to Get Fortnite Nexus War Glider For Free

fortnite nexus war glider

Epic Games

Epic Games may have taken a small break from releasing Marvel skins in Fortnite Season 4 following the release of Blade, but they are back in a big way and are handing out cosmetics left and right.

Starting with the Daredevil Cup, players can compete for the bragging rights to unlock the Daredevil outfit before it officially hits the item shop. Obviously, not everyone is going to have the chance to unlock it through that tournament, so it’ll be available for V-Bucks at a later date.

However, there is something being offered in these tournaments that anybody can get and it’s the Nexus War Glider. Here’s how to do just that.

How to Get the Free Glider

fortnite daredevil skin

Epic GamesDaredevil is coming to Fortnite.

Unlocking this glider is quite simple, but it will take a bit of patience as you’ll have to participate in all four of the Marvel Knockout Super Series events. It’s not yet clear if this glider will come to the item shop at a later date.

The first one is the Daredevil Cup, which takes place October 14, and the rest of them will follow in the weeks after that. Epic Games hasn’t given a set start time for the remaining three tournaments, so keep an eye out for that.

You won’t have to worry about getting high placements or even performing well, all you’ll have to do is play in each tournament and you’re all set.

Will There Be More Free Skins?

Epic GamesThe Daredevil Cup gets things started.

The Daredevil Cup opens the door for Epic to introduce more free skins through this tournaments.

There are several rumored Marvel characters that still haven’t made their in-game appearance such as Venom, Black Panther, Ghost Rider and Captain Marvel, so these events would be perfect for that.

We’ll find out for certain what the plans are for this once Epic announces the next event. For the time being, you’ll want to make sure you at least play in the Daredevil Cup so you can get on the path towards unlocking the glider.

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