Fortnite Team Rumble Playlist Variants Leak

fortnite team rumble variants

Epic Games

While the traditional battle royale mode might get the most attention in Fortnite, the Team Rumble playlist definitely has its fair share of players.

It has always been a good way for players to complete challenges without having fear of being eliminated before they can do so since there’s a respawn system, but now it looks like Epic is going to expand upon it further.

Following the release of Fortnite v14.20, a bunch of information about the future of the game was leaked, including four new Team Rumble variants. If you’re somebody who likes to fire up Fortnite just to have fun for an hour or so, then you’ll be interested in seeing what Epic will be cooking up here.

Upcoming Team Rumble Variants

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, there will be four different variants coming to Team Rumble at some point in this season.

These include low gravity snipers, solid gold, unvaulted and siphon. These are all interesting decisions to make, but they should all be very fun to play.

Solid Gold means all of the weapons will be of Legendary rarity, meaning there will be a lot of strong guns in this lobby. Siphon will mean that you are healed upon every elimination, which could potentially mean good players could stay alive for the entirety of a match.

When Will These Arrive?

For the time being, we don’t yet have a timetable on when these special variants will actually show up in the game, so make sure you check for that.

We can likely expect the in-game news page to let us know if any special modes come to the game since Epic has let us know every time a special Marvel LTM has shown up.

It’s wise to not look too much into these variants as they likely don’t point to much. The removal of siphon from regular battle royale lobbies was a very controversial change, so it’s likely that some players will think this is somehow testing the waters again, but it is probably not the case.

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