Wolverine Enters Fortnite As Boss NPC in Weeping Woods

Epic Games Look out.

The writing was on the wall for this, but now it’s confirmed. Wolverine has arrived in Fortnite as an NPC boss and he’s set up shop in the Weeping Woods.

If you think back to his challenge where you had to search this location for claw marks, you might’ve been able to guess this is where he’d appear, so props to you if you were able to do that.

He will now join Doctor Doom and Iron Man as Marvel-themed characters scattered around the map, and like them he will also come with a special Mythic power that could greatly turn the tide of any battle.

Here’s where you’ll be able to track him down.

Wolverine Prowls The Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods received a bit of an overhaul with the v14.20 update to make room for the famous member of the X-Men.

Instead of being a largely empty area filled with trees, you’re now going to run into the dangerous foe, so make sure you come with the right gear if you’re trying to not be sent directly back to the lobby.

Like Iron Man and Doctor Doom, his power is not to be messed with, and you’ve actually gotten a taste of that if you tried out the Marvel Knockout LTM.

His Mythic claws ability can instantly lay waste to not only your hitpoints, but you builds as well. You’ll have to watch out if you come across somebody rocking this ability.

How to Defeat Him

Epic  GamesHe won’t go down easy.

Like the other boss NPCs, he can be defeated even as a solo player. You’ll just want to make sure you have a good supply of weapons, ammo and healing items as you’re sure to take some damage. He can charge at you pretty fast, so don’t let him take you by surprise.

We know from leaks there will be a future Wolverine challenge that’ll require you to defeat him. In fact, this will be necessary to unlock his skin, so you might as well practice on him now and perhaps build up a nice routine.

When the challenge comes around, we expect this to be a very popular drop spot, so it might take a few tries until you’re finally able to be the one that takes him out.

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