Is This the Fortnite Season 6 Armored Batman Skin?

fortnite armored batman skin

Epic Games / DC Comics

The news is out that Batman will be crossing over with the Fortnite universe later on in the season, but we still have a little more than a month until that happens.

The first issue of the 6-issue miniseries releases on April 20, and if you pick up a copy of it, you can unlock the Harley Quinn Rebirth outfit immediately.

Something that is available if you grab all six issues is the Armored Batman style, but we never got a clear glimpse at what that looks like.

Although the miniseries isn’t out yet, we might have just gotten our first look at Armored Batman. Let’s take a look and figure out if this is the Batman we are looking for.

Armored Batman?

fortnite armored batman

DC Comics

Courtesy of DC Comics, we have a look at what appears to be the Armored Batman skin, or at least what will eventually turn into him.

This image is from the second issue of the miniseries and it shows a battle-hardened Batman after spending a lot of time on the island.

Over time, his suit begins to take on a new form as he fights against the likes of Ruckus and Peely over and over.

Since this is just a third of the way through the series, his suit might end up looking a lot different by the end of it, but it’s clear to see the direction this is going.

If the Caped Crusader is already looking like this two issues in, he might be downright unrecognizable by the time this is all over. Especially so if he has to deal with foes like Snake Eyes and Deathstroke in the later issues.

How to Unlock Armored Batman

Epic Games / DC Comics / Donald Mustard

Yes, we already have two different Batman outfits currently in Fortnite, but what harm is there with adding a third?

The first two styles are based on his look in the comics and The Dark Knight film, so this latest design at least is based on something Fortnite-related.

If you’re somebody who wants to unlock him, then you’ll need to snag all six issues of this series, meaning you have to be willing to spend up to $30 since that’s what it’ll cost.

Here’s the release dates for each issue:

  • April 20
  • May 4
  • May 18
  • June 1
  • June 15
  • July 6

Alternatively, you can opt for a subscription to the newly launched DC Universe Infinite which will give you the codes to unlock the cosmetics without needing to pick up anything physically.

Of course, you don’t actually “own” the issues this way, but it’ll still be a way to get the cosmetics if that’s all you’re in it for without having to spend a lot of money. Who knows, you might even like seeing all of the comics that DC has to offer on this app.

The Armored Batman style won’t be available until July 6 since all six codes are needed for him, so it’s going to be quite a while until we can get our hands on him.

In the meantime, enjoy Fortnite Season 6!

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