Benjyfishy & Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Locker Bundles Leak

fortnite benjyfishy nick eh 30 locker bundles

Epic Games

The Fortnite Icon Series has been a way for long-time creators to become immortalized in the world Epic Games has built, and it looks like the developers plan on continuing that trend.

However, instead of giving out an Icon Series skin, a new leak has shown Epic is going a different route and giving players the option to purchase a special locker bundle that will feature the complete loadout of your favorite streamer or player.

Beginning with Benjyfishy and Nick Eh 30, it appears players will have the chance to buy these players’ favorite cosmetics, making it very easy to just put on everything they wear.

Now, you might already own these cosmetics, but if you don’t and want to rock the same gear Benjy or Nick wear, then this will be right up your alley.

Nick Eh 30 & Benjyfishy Bundles

Thanks to Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi, we have a look at what these bundles will look like.

Unsurprisingly, Benjy’s features the Star Wand pickaxe, something many pros quickly started using due to its glitch at the start that made it deal 56 damage a hit. While that has since been patched, many pro players still use it.

Meanwhile, Nick Eh 30 sports the Canadian skier outfit, which is no surprise since the streamer does hail from Canada. With snow beginning to fall again, now is the perfect time to bring that skin out.

When Does This Come Out?

There’s currently no timetable on when this could potentially become a thing, but it’s a really cool idea given the sheer number of well-known Fortnite streamers out there.

There are countless locker bundles they could capitalize on if they really want to milk this, but Epic will likely want to see how these initial ones do first.

What will be interesting to keep track of is who gets a locker bundle versus an Icon Series skin.

One would certainly thing that somebody who is as beloved in the community as Benjyfishy would definitely qualify for a skin, so maybe the locker bundles have no impact on that.

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