Black Suit Superman is Getting Much Easier to Get in Fortnite

fortnite black suit superman

Epic Games

The Battle Pass skin that players had to wait for the longest in Fortnite Season 7 was Superman himself.

Very recently, the Man of Steel became unlockable in Fortnite, but it would be a while before the masses could get their hands on the special black suit variant that has risen in popularity as of late thanks to the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

As it stands right now, you have to complete a total of 84 Epic Quests to unlock the black suit variant, which means you have to practically do all of the content that Fortnite has to offer.

Luckily, Epic seems to have taken note of how difficult that is, and how casual players might not ever be able to reach that milestone.

As a result, this will be changed in the next game update.

Unlocking Superman is Getting Easier

Unlocking the base form of Superman is easy as it requires you to do certain things in-game, but getting onto the second page and getting the Fortress of Solitude pickaxe and black suit takes a lot more.

As part of the next game update, which will presumably be this upcoming Tuesday, the threshold for all of the Page 2 unlocks will be much lower.

Here’s how it all plays out:

  • Current: 63 / 68 / 73 / 78 / 84 Quests
  • New: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 Quests

This means that the initial 63 quests needed to unlock something currently will now be enough to get everything done. This is certainly good news to anybody just now getting their Battle Pass finished off.

Superman is meant to be something that everyone can unlock, not something that players should have to grind endlessly for, so it’s nice that Epic decided to change things.

Season 7 wraps up in September, so we are running out of time to get things done. On top of Superman, there are things like Toxic Rick and all of the special styles for each of the Battle Pass skins.

What Else is Happening in the Next Update?

fortnite wonder woman cup

Epic Games

The upcoming update, v17.50, will be the last update we get before Season 8, so we likely won’t be getting anything major in it.

What we will be able to get an early look at is some event stuff, provided the leakers decide to show us anything. We’ll also continue to get Wild Weeks leading up to the end of the season, but we shouldn’t be expecting anything too game-changing with it.

A new update is always nice, but it’s been a while since we’ve had something crazy happen like adding in cars or things of that nature. We will likely see locations continued to be abducted by the UFOs, and we should see a bunch of bug fixes come as well.

The real meat and potatoes will come with the massive Season 8 update, but we don’t know anything about that at the moment. We’re sure things will become clearer as we get into September and beyond. It’s an exciting time for Fortnite players, so make sure you finish everything you want to finish before Season 8 hits!

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