Fortnite Player Shows Off Power of New Chapter 3 Mechanic

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If you’re a longtime Fortnite player, you’re well aware of some of the limitations the game has had, but Chapter 3 really pulled out all of the stops and the game is much better for it.

For starters, there’s now an ability to slide around, something that opens up a ton of mobility options for the game and allows for some clean looking trickshots if your aim is good enough.

On top of that, a new mechanic has been added that lets you revive downed players even faster if you have multiple teammates nearby. Instead of having to wait the full 10 seconds for a revive, it goes much quicker if you have somebody around to help out.

This is a very cool mechanic that was added in Chapter 3, and it even applies to Reboot Vans. All of this means there’ll be even less downtime while you’re eliminated, and it helps you get back into the action much faster.

However, there have been a bunch of changes that apply to being the downed player as well. Previously, you’d be nothing more than a scout for your team while knocked, but now you can open chests, doors, ride ziplines. Basically, you’re a real pest if you’re not immediately thirsted, and when you couple that with the new Daily Bugle location, it can make for some great plays.

Who’s Ready to Ride on a Zipline?

A clip from FoxManYouTube showcases the power of this new POI and also the new downed mechanics. After being knocked, he crawls out the window, going faster than usual, hits a spider web, then another, rides a zipline and lands safely next to his teammate who then gets the revive.

Obviously, this isn’t a type of player you’re going to see every day, but it does showcase the power of all of these mechanics working at once. The reality is that you have a lot more options now as a knocked player, and if you’re not tracked down, you can get away from your enemy.

Crawling faster and being able to open doors is a downright game changer, so there’s a lot of incentive to thirst players now, especially if you’re in Arena and get the health on elimination.

Mobility is always an important part of Fortnite, and it looks like the Daily Bugle provides a lot of it whether you’re healthy and walking around and if you’re knocked.

Not Everything’s Great

Epic Games

While this new mobility is fun to play around with, not everything about the chapter has been all that successful.

The new weapon meta has ruffled some feathers, mainly because the Pump Shotgun is nowhere near as powerful as it once was, and the Auto Shotgun is also leaving a lot to be desired. Even FoxMan expresses his disappointment with the shotgun in the clip above.

This has all led to a new “spray” meta where players carry the SMGs over shotguns and just chase you down with them whether you’re building walls or not. It’s a tough thing to get used to after shotguns spent so much time dominating. With a new update expected next week, we’ll see if there are any adjustments.

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