How to Get Escapist Umbrella For Free in Fortnite

fortnite escapist umbrella free

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After a series of leaks that let players know of its existence, the Impossible Escape LTM has arrived in Fortnite and there are some free cosmetics up for grabs.

This LTM is unlike anything we’ve seen before in Fortnite as instead of being the Battle Royale mode, this is a mode that’s much more PvE-centric.

There are two different options for players and each one will give different rewards. There is a PvE version where all of the players work with each other to escape, while the PvP mode is the same thing, but you can take out the other players as well.

Depending on what one you pick, you’ll get a different reward.

How to Get the Escapist Umbrella

Impossible Escape LTM Trailer – FortniteCreate a squad. Scavenge for parts. Survive the night. Escape before it's too late. You’ve awakened on the Island. Realizing you weren’t extracted after your last Squads match and stranded with 15 others, you now must prove you’re capable of overcoming the wild by making an escape. The reward for victory in this “Impossible…2021-05-18T14:27:19Z

To get the Umbrella, you’ll have to queue up into the PvP version of the Impossible Escape LTM and win the game.

This is done by dodging the NPCs on the map, along with the various wildlife that appears during the fog. Of course, this mode will also have other players in it that’ll be looking to accomplish the same task as you and eliminating you too.

You’ll need to collect parts for the helicopter and then enough fuel for you to escape. It’s not as easy as it sounds as you’ll find many obstacles in your way, not many guns, and you’ll need to group up with your team who starts spread across the map.

In PvP, you never know who to trust, so the game gets that much harder. If you want to get the Umbrella, this will be what you have to be willing to do.

How to Get the Loading Screen

Since the PvP mode is how you’ll get the Umbrella, it might be a bit obvious for how you’re supposed to get the loading screen.

That’s right, you’ll have to get a win in the PvE mode to come away with the loading screen. This mode is much easier because you won’t be able to take damage from other players, but you’ll still have to be aware of the NPCs and wildlife.

There’s not much in terms of weapons out on the island in this mode and farming materials takes much longer than it normally would. With a time limit on the mode, you can’t spend a lot of time doing many other things.

It’s a frantic and fun game mode. Even if playing something like this isn’t why you fire up Fortnite in the first place, you might as well give it a try and attempt to win some free cosmetics.

According to the Epic Games blog post, these LTMs will only be available through May 25, so you don’t have a ton of time to hop in and see what’s going on with the modes.

You’ll still be able to explore them in Creative, but you won’t be getting any cosmetics for winning if you are entering an Island Code versus queuing up with the LTM. Jump in and see if you’re able to escape the horde of enemies!

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