How to Infinitely Light Campfires For Fortnite Bushranger Challenge

fortnite bushranger challenge light campfires easy

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There are all sorts of quests and challenges for Fortnite players to tackle in Season 5, with many of them just being simple things like swimming certain distances or lighting campfires.

Like the swimming quest, there’s actually an extremely easy method to getting this challenge done, and you can even light hundreds of campfires in a single match if you want to spend the time doing so.

You might be wondering how this is possible since campfires don’t usually work that way, but there’s a way around the limitations that are currently in place that will allow you to get around that.

Here’s how to get this quest done fast.

Play Pickaxe Frenzy

Right now in a pickaxe frenzy, you can “light” the campfires infinitely and it will count for the Bushranger challenge. from FortNiteBR

There’s a very easy way to get this quest done and earn tons of XP while you’re doing it. According to Reddit user Nubbins22, you can just go into the Pickaxe Frenzy LTM and light campfires infinitely there.

For some reason, you can just sit in front of the fire and keep on lighting it. A fire won’t even appear, so the game will just act like you haven’t done anything and keep letting you rack up lit campfires.

It might feel a bit dirty doing this, but since it’ll take very long to do otherwise, we can’t really fault anybody for getting it done this way. Considering how Pickaxe Frenzy isn’t too popular, we wouldn’t even be surprised to see a lot of players doing this there.

Will This Be Patched Out?

According to many players in the comments of the Reddit thread, you’ve been able to do this for a while, so either Epic is okay with it, or they just aren’t aware.

Whatever the case may be, you’ll probably want to do this quickly if you’re interested because there’s a chance, albeit a small one, that this will be removed in the next update.

We’re expected the next update of Season 5 to arrive next week, and we’ll be welcoming that with open arms as the game has felt a bit stale so far.

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