How the Fortnite Crew Subscription Bundle Works

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Epic Games

Starting in Fortnite Season 5, Epic Games will be testing a brand-new subscription service that will allow you to get a monthly allowance of V-Bucks as well as an exclusive skin, and even the Battle Pass.

Earlier in Season 4, Epic Games was sending out feelers to the community to presumably gauge interest in this possibly being a thing, and it looks like the response was good enough for them to go forward with it in Season 5.

On November 24, Epic dropped the curtain on this and revealed all of the information at once and explained just what you can look forward to with this new bundle and how it’ll work.

Monthly Subscription = Exclusive Gear

Coming in at the price of $11.99 a month, there’s a lot up for grabs for players that’ll easily make this subscription worth it.

For this price, you’ll unlock the Season 5 Battle Pass, which is almost the cost of the entire subscription itself, but you’ll also be getting 1,000 V-Bucks and an exclusive skin on top of that.

Of course, there’s not going to be a Battle Pass every month, but there will definitely still be a lot of value.

What Do We Get For December?

The first bundle will be getting things started with a bang. Not only will you be getting the Battle Pass with it, but you’ll also be getting the Galaxia outfit with the Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling.

Epic Games will reveal the January bundle before the end of the month, so it sounds like players will always know what skins they’ll be getting beforehand.

It’s a pretty cool thing to see Epic doing here and it’s hard to imagine a world where this isn’t insanely popular among fans. The monthly price almost covers the cost of the V-Bucks alone, but the fact there’s a skin that comes with the purchase too also gives it a nice value.

If you’re somebody who likes to pick up a lot of things in the shop each month, then this should definitely interest you.

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