Fortnite Leak Hints at Potential Second Black Hole Event

fortnite galactus black hole

Epic Games

We’re heading into the home stretch of Fortnite Season 4 and that means Galactus will finally have to make his presence felt on the island.

We still don’t know exactly what he has planned for us, but everyone knows how dangerous Galactus is, and he’s such a threat that a lot of the Marvel universe showed up on the Fortnite island to help.

Now that we’re almost to the end of November, whatever Epic has planned for us will definitely have to be happening soon.

A new leak has shown there could be another black hole-type event to close out this season, and since this is being called the biggest thing we’ve seen in Fortnite, that wouldn’t even be that crazy.

Rocky Ridge Leak

According to information from Fortnite leaker Nearby, there’s a file with the name of Rocky Ridge, which is something that was used for the black hole event at the end of Chapter 1.

Of course, that led to Fortnite disappearing for a few days before Chapter 2 started up, so that would definitely be huge. Nothing is set in stone, but it will definitely be something to keep an eye on.

This would apply to both the game and the lobby, so if it does happen, then we’ll have to deal with another couple of days off from Fortnite.

When Is The Live Event?

We still don’t exactly when the event is set to begin, but considering v14.60 is just around the corner, we’ll likely be getting a lot of information about what’s next from that patch.

By the time that update hits, we’ll have just about two weeks or so left in the season, so there’s a good chance that this will actually end up being the last update of the season.

At the time of this writing, it seems like Galactus is currently not visible from the island, meaning he could be up to something nefarious. Whatever the case is, we’re definitely excited to find out.

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