Fortnite Green Arrow Skin Accidentally Given to Players

fortnite green arrow skin

Epic Games / CW

While practically every superhero skin that has come out lately has been a Marvel one, it looks like there’s nothing stopping DC Comics characters from coming to Fortnite.

Building on the release of The Last Laugh bundle that brought Joker and Poison Ivy to the game, it appears Epic is gearing up for yet another release of an iconic DC character.

If you’re a fan of the CW’s Arrowverse, then you’ll be very familiar with this character as it is Green Arrow himself.

It seems like he’ll just be a one-off character and not come with anybody else, but it’s still exciting for fans of the hero. Let’s see what he’ll look like.

Fortnite Green Arrow Skin Leaks

According to various players, Green Arrow will be the next Crew skin. He’ll feature his sleek green look and come with his own harvesting tool and a quiver for a back bling.

For whatever reason, he was given out to some lucky players, so the surprise was effectively spoiled, but Epic Games confirm the rest of the players will get the skin beginning December 31.

Considering the Crew skin is meant to be a surprise, this accident now gives players the chance to decide if they actually want it or not. The Crew subscription renews monthly, so if you ever want to skip it, you can just opt out for a month and save your money.

Any Other DC Skins?

With heavy hitters like Batman, Aquaman and now Green Arrow now all being in Fortnite, one has to imagine if there will be more.

Characters like The Flash and Superman would likely be very popular among fans, so if Epic wants to keep going down the superhero path, there are many choices to choose from.

Perhaps the Crew bundle after this one could feature another hero. We’ll just have to hope Epic does a better job of keeping it under wraps this time.

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