How to Get Fortnite Green Arrow Skin For Free

fortnite green arrow free

Epic Games

The next Fortnite Crew skin to be released in Season 5 is Green Arrow, as made famous from DC Comics.

This special bundle is only available as part of the Crew pack, which is Fortnite’s new subscription service that will not only come with the skin, but also includes some V-Bucks and the Battle Pass if you don’t already own it.

Each skin that’s included will never be in the Item Shop, so purchasing the subscription is the only way to get your hands on it. As it turns out, depending on when your subscription from the first month ends, you might be able to snag this skin for free.

It’s real because it worked for me. Here’s how.

Green Arrow for Free

The method is actually quite simple. Epic began handing out the skin to players on December 31, but if your subscription to the Fortnite Crew ends in January, which would be the case for the majority of players, then you can get the skin for free.

I already had my subscription canceled for the month, but since they began rolling the skin out in December, it was active for just long enough that I still got the skin.

After double checking that it was actually canceled and I wasn’t charged for the subscription, it looks like this is the real deal unless Epic snatches it away.

Will It Work For You?

It appears that this is working for many more players than just me, so you might want to consider giving it a try if you want to save a buck or two this month, but there some drawbacks. Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR shows they were able to get it as well.

For starters, you won’t be getting your allowance of V-Bucks if you cancel, but that’s not really a bad thing since you’ll be able to get more for less money than you would if you kept the subscription.

The main draw of the Fortnite Crew service is the exclusive skin, but if they are handing out the skins for free, then what’s the point of staying subscribed?

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