Fortnite iOS Players Might Get Good News Soon

fortnite ios update

Epic Games

Anybody left playing Fortnite on iOS devices has been living in the past with Season 3 being the last content they ever got.

This means they missed the entirety of the Marvel crossover that was Season 4, and they haven’t been able to experience any of Season 5 either.

Of course, that’s definitely not an optimal way to experience the game since they are just stuck at the end of Season 3.

There hasn’t been much to hope for since Fortnite left the App Store, but a small update that was pushed through on January 5 mightfortn actually give players a little bit of hope for the future.

Direct Payment Removed

According to Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, Epic came out with a hotfix that removed all strings that mentioned the “Epic Direct Payment,” which you’ll remember is what led to this entire snafu.

Epic cut Apple, and every other platform for that matter, out of their payments and sold V-Bucks for cheaper, but were able to claim all of the profit.

Both Apple and Google kicked Epic off their respective stores and Fortnite hasn’t been back since. It looks like this could potentially pave the way for it to come back to the Apple App Store, but it remains to be seen.

Does This Actually Mean Anything?

Several Fortnite leakers quickly pointed out that this could mean nothing, but it does seem a bit strange that they’d do anything regarding the iOS version considering it’s stuck in Season 3.

Considering we haven’t heard much about the ongoing lawsuit, it does seem unlikely that there would be a resolution made that gets the game back on iOS without any sort of big announcement.

This would point to the update meaning nothing, which it very well might, but iOS players might still get their hopes up. We know they are still a few holdouts out there who are dealing with the Marauders.

Hopefully, the issue will get resolved some time in the new year so iOS players can join their counterparts once again.

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