Fortnite Devs Confirm They’re “Looking at Movement” Adjustments

fortnite movement changes

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You may not know this if you’re not a Fortnite Save the World player, but the movement in that mode is different than the one we see in Battle Royale.

In Save the World, you have more control over the movement of your character, and while movement isn’t actually bad in the Battle Royale mode, there are improvements that can be made.

A video uploaded by Reddit user SirDuckDee shows how much more fluid the movement is in Save the World, and just by making a simple change, things could work a whole lot better in Battle Royale.

In the video, you can see that BR will require your character to come to a complete halt before turning around, something that’s not the case in Save the World. The video also shows that strafing is better in StW for whatever reason.

Better Movement Incoming?

After watching the video and getting a lot of feedback, an Epic Games developer confirmed that they are always looking at movement changes, but didn’t say if there was anything in the works.

“Thanks for sharing,” wrote gstaffEpic. “We’ve definitely been looking at movement. If we decide to make any adjustments, we’ll let people know.”

The dev does mention Epic would let players know if any change was in the works, so it seems pretty safe to say that nothing is happening on the horizon.

Where Would You Find Out?

As is the case with many things in Fortnite nowadays, the best place for information about what’s being changed or fixed comes from the Trello board.

On the other hand, since this would be a pretty major change the game, this bit of info would likely come in the form of a blog post.

Of course, we don’t really have to worry about this for a quite while because we’re still waiting for things like Sand Tunneling to come back. If a movement change is actually in the works, we’d imagine it’ll take a long time to actually show up.

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