New Fortnite Predator Portal Raises Several Questions

fortnite zero point predator portal

Epic Games

A new portal has opened up in Fortnite that gives players a glimpse at what to expect in the future.

We saw this most recently happen with the introduction of Daryl and Michonne, but we already knew it was them coming through so there was really no sense of wonder.

It’s assumed that Predator will be coming through this portal, especially when you consider all of his challenges are set to wrap up on January 20 according to the in-game timer.

However, this raises a bunch of questions, mainly one asking how Predator is coming out of this portal when he’s already on the island. We can already hear him making noises at Stealthy Stronghold, and we can already see his crashed ship there.

What’s The Deal?

Fortnite leaker FortTory raised this question, and it does seem to be a very valid one. It could very well be the Predator coming out of it just so he can get an official introduction, but it does seem weird.

What would be an interesting change of pace is if the Predator wasn’t actually meant to be invited as a hunter, so Jonesy decided to recruit somebody like Dutch, who was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original Predator film.

It’s looking like all we have to do is wait a day to find out all of this ourselves.

What Does This Mean for Tomb Raider?

Now, this new portal won’t stop Lara Croft from coming to Fortnite, if she even has plans of doing so.

There were two portals that leaked following the v15.20 update, and this portal that’s in the game right now was always set to come first.

The one that features a female skin still hasn’t shown up yet, so those of you out there hoping it’s going to be a Tomb Raider style can still hold out hope. We don’t know when she could show up, but we can confirm the door is still open.

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