Fortnite Leak Reveals Four Additional Weeks of Season 4 Challenges

fortnite season 4 xp xtravaganza

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One big thing that was looming over the remainder of Fortnite Season 4 was the fact that there were no more challenges.

Seasons have traditionally only seen 10 weeks of challenges in the past, with the exception of Overtime challenges, so there’s nothing new there. However, leakers have discovered there are at least four more weeks of challenges in the files, which would be enough to take us to the end of the season.

Instead of being called the Week 11 challenges when they finally roll around, they’ll be arriving with a different name. From the sounds of things, it seems like they will be a lot like the challenges as you know them currently, but there could be some differences.

XP Xtravaganza

Going by what Fortnite leaker FireMonkey says, these four extra weeks will be called “XP Xtravaganza,” but they should just be another set of challenges for players to complete.

We don’t yet know what these challenges are, but if they follow the trend of what they have been for the first 10 weeks, then we can expect a fresh set that asks us to go get eliminations in certain spots and open up some chests in POIs.

New challenges traditionally go live on Thursday, so if these end up being real, that will presumably be the day we’ll see them.

More XP The Better

Everyone knows how important XP is this season as there are a lot of cool Marvel skins in the Battle Pass that players will want to unlock.

Finishing the Battle Pass isn’t the end for many players as there are many players out there who’d love to get all of the variant styles out there as possible.

This will require players to level up well into the 200s, so with less than a month to go in the season, their work is certainly cut out for them.

There is still time to get this done depending on what level you are, but time is quickly running out.

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